How to vote for Bernie Sanders in Illinois

Register By

February 18 (Tuesday)

Same-Day Registration Illinois has Same-Day Registration on March 17

Primary On

March 17 (Tuesday)

Illinois Primary: March 17, 2020

Illinoisans are able to request a Democratic ballot to vote for Bernie on election day

It's still very early in the election season, and dates often change. Please sign up below for Voter Alerts in Illinois and we'll send you an email if the dates change!

Illinois Voter Information

Get Registered

Good news! Because Illinois has open primaries, you can vote for Bernie regardless of your registered party. If you want to vote for Bernie, get registered to vote!

Get registered to vote now!

Illinois has Same-Day Registration which allows you to register to vote at the primaries on March 17, 2020

Not sure if you are registered, or what you're registered as? Check your current registration status online.

Go Vote!

Some polling places have changed due to coronavirus.

In suburban Cook County, nearly 100 of the 999 polling places that were originally scheduled to open have backed out. In many cases, voters from the affected precincts will have to go to their nearest courthouse to vote — with locations in Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood, Bridgeview and Markham, Scalzitti said.

Updated information for suburban Cook County voters was posted on the clerk’s website.

Scalzitti said early voting hours will be extended on Saturday and Sunday, with polls open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., instead of closing at 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, instead of holding special early voting at 113 suburban Cook nursing homes on Friday, the county offered mail-in ballots to residents at those locations.

In DuPage County, 14 polling places were being relocated to the County Fairgrounds, at 2015 Manchester Road in Wheaton.

The central early voting place at the County Building at 421 N. County Farm Road in Wheaton is scheduled to stay open until 8 p.m. Friday through Monday. DuPage voters were being encouraged to check the county’s website regularly for updates.

Will County officials, meanwhile, were expanding early voting hours at six locations, while six polling places have changed.

Vote on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 from 6:00AM – 7:00PM.
Find your polling place here:

March 17th: GRACE PERIOD REGISTRATION AND VOTING: Last day for grace
period registration and grace period voting in the office of the election
authority or at a location designated for this purpose by the election

Last day for online voter registration is 3/1/2020.

Be sure to request a Democratic ballot if you want to vote for Bernie!

Note: If you’re not yet registered to vote, you can use “grace period” registration up until the day of the primary. Find out more here.

Check out the Official Illinois 2020 Election Calendar:

Here’s an Illinois Voter Guide made by LWV:

Id Requirement

Two forms of identification with at least one showing your current residence address is needed when you register in-person.

Voter Workplace Protection

Unpaid time off up to two hours. Needs one day notice.

Early Voting

Vote Early in Illinois! Illinoisans can vote in-person before election day! If you'll be out of town on March 17 or simply find it more convenient, vote early!

Early voting in Illinois begins February 6 and ends on March 16.

Illinois Application for vote by mail ballot will be available for download on 12/18/2019.

Find your early voting times and locations here.

Under federal law, the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) registers you to vote and requests absentee ballots for a minimum of all federal elections in the current calendar year. Be sure to complete a new FPCA each year and every time your address changes.

More info on absentee voting here:

The first day to file an application for a vote by mail ballot with the Election Authority is 2/6/2020.

You can also request a mail-in absentee ballot until March 12th. Learn more about mail-in voting here.

Only 17?

You may still vote in Illinois's primaries if you will be 18 years old by November 3, 2020.

College Students

If you are a college student not living in your home state, you can vote for Bernie in either your home state or in the state in which you are attending school!

Military/Overseas Voters

If you are a Military Voter or a US Citizen living abroad, you are able to request a ballot here to vote for Bernie.

Become a Delegate for Bernie

Willing to go the extra mile to help Bernie get elected? We need 2,373 Bernie supporters to become a Delegate, travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and cast their vote for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. Interested?

How to become a delegate in Illinois

Illinois has 184 delegates

  • 101 district
  • 34 at large
  • 20 Pledged PLEOs
  • 29 Superdelegates

Superdelegates: Gov. JB Pritzker, Barack Obama, Sen. Richard J. Durban, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Rep. Cheri Bustos, Rep. Sean Casten, Rep. Danny K. Davis, Rep. Bill Foster, Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Rep. Robin Kelly, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, Rep. Daniel Lipinski, Rep. Mike Quigley, Rep. Bobby L. Rush, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Rep. Bradley Schneider, Rep. Lauren Underwood, Carrie Austin, Jerry F. Costello, John J. Cullerton, Daniel W. Hynes, Victoria R. Koffsky, Iris Y. Martinez, Jayne Mazzotti, Carol Ronen, Becky Strezchowski, Karen A. Yarbrough

Important dates:

File completed forms and petition to get on the ballot to become a District Delegate: January 2-3, 2020

Primary: March 17, 2020

Deadline to file forms to become PLEO or At Large Delegate:  April 10, 2020

National Convention delegation meeting: April 27, 2020

Illinois Delegate Selection Plan

Illinois Delegate Selection Information

District Level Delegate (101):

To become a District level delegate get on the ballot and get elected at the March 17, 2020 Primary Election. Start the Process

  • A district-level delegate may run for election only within the district in which they are registered to vote
  • District level delegate candidates must file copies of their Statement of Candidacy and their signed Pledge of Support with the State Democratic Party at 1201 Veterans Parkway, Springfield, Illinois.
  • Candidate forms are available at the State Party offices 1201 S. Veterans Parkway, Suite C, Springfield, IL or 111 West Washington, Suite 902, Chicago, IL 60602. And online here
  • The first date to circulate nominating petitions for nominating delegates is October 5, 2019.
  • Delegate candidates must circulate a nominating petition to collect signatures and file the nominating petition with the Illinois State Board of Elections
  • Between Thursday, January 2 and Friday, January 3, 2020 at the Illinois State Board of Elections at 2329 S. MacArthur Blvd, Springfield, Illinois, file: The nominating petition with the required number of signatures, a Statement of Candidacy, (notarized) and a Presidential Preference form

At Large Delegates (34) or an At Large Alternate Delegates (13)

  • Before April 10, 2020 at 5:00 PM at the State Party Committee 1201 S. Veterans Parkway, Springfield, Illinois file a Statement of Candidacy, (notarized) and a signed Pledge of Support form indicating support for Bernie
  •  A committee consisting of a quorum of the district-level delegates selects the At-Large and Alternate delegates on April 27, 2020 at 12:00 pm at State Party Headquarters, 1201 Veterans Parkway, Suite C, Springfield, Illinois
  • After the at-large delegates are elected, those persons not chosen will then be considered candidates for at-large alternate positions unless they specify otherwise when filing.

Pledged PLEO Delegates (20)

You have to qualify to be one of these delegates. Eligible pledged Party Leader and Elected Official delegate positions are filled according to the following priority: big city mayors and state-wide elected officials; state legislative leaders, state legislators, and other state, county and local elected officials and party leaders. Help bernie by encouraging qualified Bernie supporting people to file to become PLEOs.

  • Before April 10, 2020 at 5:00 PM at the State Party Committee 1201 S. Veterans Parkway, Springfield, Illinois file a Statement of Candidacy, (notarized) and a signed Pledge of Support form indicating support for Bernie
  • A committee consisting of a quorum of the district-level delegates selects the pledged PLEO delegates on April 27, 2020 at 12:00 pm at State Party Headquarters, 1201 Veterans Parkway, Suite C, Springfield, Illinois. Any motion requires a second.
  • The candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected until all available PLEO delegate spots are filled.

Standing Committee Members and Delegation Chair

There are 21 Standing Committee Members 7 on each committee (Credentials, Platform and Rules)The members of the standing committees and the delegation chair are elected by a quorum of Illinois’ National Convention delegates on April 27, 2020. You do not have to be a delegate to fill these spots.

Convention Pages

Convention Pages (5) are selected by the State Democratic Chair on April 27, 2020.

Presidential Electors (20)

Presidential electors are nominated at either the State party convention, or by the Democratic State Central Committee. Selection occurs on April 27, 2020 at the State Party convention or at an August 12, 2020 meeting of the Democratic State Central Committee. Illinois Presidential Electors are on the General Election ballot and elected by the voters for each congressional district on a state-wide basis.

If you have questions contact the Illinois Democratic Party.

More Information

If you have any questions about voting in Illinois you may contact your state official elections office or Democratic party.

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