How to vote for Bernie Sanders in Oregon

Register By

April 28 (2020)

Primary On

May 19 (2020)

Oregon Primary: May 19, 2020

Did you know? In Oregon, you may be able to donate up to $50 and get it all back on your taxes!

It's still very early in the election season, and dates often change. Please sign up below for Voter Alerts in Oregon and we'll send you an email if the dates change!

Oregon Voter Information

Get Registered

Oregon has closed primaries — Oregonians must register as democrat to vote for Bernie!

Register as a democrat now!

You must be registered by April 28, 2020.

Not sure if you are registered, or what you're registered as? Check your current registration status online.

Go Vote!

Oregon has the most convenient voting system in the country.

Registered voters receive a ballot two to three weeks before an election, giving time to research issues or candidates.

Voters also receive an official ballot to complete and insert into the security envelope which is placed in the ballot return envelope and signed by the voter. The ballot return envelope can be stamped and mailed or dropped off at any official drop box across the state. If a voter casts their ballot after the Wednesday before an election(, the ballot should be left at a drop box site to ensure it’s counted.

Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

College Students

If you are a college student not living in your home state, you can vote for Bernie in either your home state or in the state in which you are attending school!

Military/Overseas Voters

If you are a Military Voter or a US Citizen living abroad, you are able to request a ballot here to vote for Bernie.

Become a Delegate for Bernie

Willing to go the extra mile to help Bernie get elected? We need 2,373 Bernie supporters to become a Delegate, travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and cast their vote for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. Interested?

How to become a delegate in Oregon

Oregon has 75 delegates

  • 41 district
  • 13 at large
  • 7 Pledged PLEOs
  • 14 Superdelegates

Superdelegates: Gov. Kate Brown, Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. Jeff Merkley, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, Rep. Peter DeFazio, Rep. Kurt Schrader, Carla “KC” Hanson, Matt K. Keating, Peter B. Lee, Travis Nelson, Ellen Rosenblum, Tanya Shively

Important dates:

Filing period to become a District, PLEO or At Large Delegate: March 1, 2020 – May 20, 2020

Primary: May 19, 2020

Congressional District Conventions: June 6 – June 7, 2020

State Convention: June 20, 2020

Oregon Delegate Selection Plan Draft

District Delegates (41) 

  • Make sure you are a registered Democrat
  • Determine the congressional district where you are registered
  • File online form by May 20, 2020 available March 1, 2020 at
  • Start organizing your friends and supporters to vote for you.
  • Show up with your supporters to vote at the June 6 – June 7, 2020 at your Congressional District Convention. All Democratic voters are eligible to attend the convention in their Congressional District to vote for the District Delegate candidates that filed by May 20, 2020.
  • If elected Attend the June 20, 2020 State convention to vote on PLEO and At Large Delegates.

At Large Delegates (11) At Large Alternate Delegates (4)

  • If you did not get elected as a District delegate you can try to become an At Large Delegate or an Alternate delegate.
  • File online form by May 20, 2020 available March 1, 2020 at
  • At-Large and Alternate delegates are elected by a quorum of Oregon’s National Convention Delegates at the June 20, 2020 State Convention

PLEO Delegates (7)

You have to be eligible to be a PLEO delegate. PLEOs are eligible according to the following priority: big city mayors and state-wide elected officials (to be given equal consideration); state legislative leaders, state legislators, and other state, county and local elected officials and party leaders. Help Bernie by encouraging qualified Bernie supporting people to file to become PLEO delegates.

  • File online form by May 20, 2020 available March 1, 2020 at
  • PLEO delegates are elected by a quorum of Oregon’s National Convention Delegates at the June 20, 2020 State Convention

Standing Committee (6) and Delegation Chair

6 Standing Committee members (2 each on the Credentials, Platform and Rules committees) and the Delegation Chair are elected by a quorum of Oregon’s National Convention Delegates on June 20, 2020. You don’t have to be a delegate or alternate to be elected.

Convention Pages (2)

Convention Pages are selected by the State Democratic Chair before June 20, 2020.

If you have questions contact the Oregon Democratic Party.

More Information

If you have any questions about voting in Oregon you may contact your state official elections office or Democratic party.

Find local Bernie supporters and get help from /r/OregonforSanders

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