How to vote for Bernie Sanders in Wyoming

Register By

March 20 (Friday)

Caucus On

April 17 (Friday)

Wyoming Caucus: Fri, April 17 (9 days away)

It's still very early in the election season, and dates often change. Please sign up below for Voter Alerts in Wyoming and we'll send you an email if the dates change!

Wyoming Voter Information

Get Registered

Wyoming has closed caucuses — Wyomingites must register as democrat to vote for Bernie!

Wyoming does not have online registration, but you can fill out a registration form to print and mail in.

Register as a democrat now!

You must be registered by March 20, 2020.

Go Vote!

The Wyoming Democratic Party, which was holding its caucuses on April 4th, has canceled the in-person portion of their upcoming vote. Voters are highly encouraged to vote by mail; as of now, voters may still vote via ballot pickup and drop off on March 31 and April 17.

Vote on Thursday, April 4 2020 from 11am –

For more info on the Wyoming Caucus and delegate selection plan here!

Starting on February 17, 2020 mailing information will be sent to

Id Requirement

Wyoming does not require photo ID for the purpose of voting.
However, if you registered by mail and are voting in a federal election for the first time, you must show photo ID or a document that has both your name and residence address.

It may still be a good idea to bring ID with you.

Voter Workplace Protection

Employees who do not have 3 consecutive non working hours while polls are open are entitled to one paid hour (excluding meal times) to vote.

The Employer can set the time for leave to vote.

Wyoming law entitles voters to one hour, other than the meal hour, to vote. However, the law does not apply to certain categories of employees, such as some federal workers or those who have three or more consecutive nonworking hours during the time polls are open.

(W.S. 22-2-111)

Early Voting

Vote Early in Wyoming! Wyomingites can vote in-person before election day! If you'll be out of town on April 17 or simply find it more convenient, vote early!

Early voting in Wyoming begins January 30 and ends on March 28.

Ballots will be available to view as early as January 30, 2020 on the
Wyoming Democratic Party Website at

You can deliver the absentee ballot in-person up until April 16th, 2020.

The Wyoming Democratic Party will also provide, in conjunction with the County
Parties on March 28, 2020 voter stations.
(1) Voter stations will give voters the opportunity to drop off the mailed
ballots or vote and drop off on March 28, 2020.
(2) The stations must be open for at least five (5) hours anytime between
8:00am-8:00pm on March 28, 2020. County Parties will be responsible for
finding locations, number of stations and informing voters of their open

Only 17?

You may still vote in Wyoming's caucuses if you will be 18 years old by November 3, 2020.

College Students

If you are a college student not living in your home state, you can vote for Bernie in either your home state or in the state in which you are attending school!

Become a Delegate for Bernie

Willing to go the extra mile to help Bernie get elected? We need 2,373 Bernie supporters to become a Delegate, travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and cast their vote for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. Interested?

How to become a delegate in Wyoming

Wyoming has 18 delegates

  • 16 pledged
  • 4 UnPledged PLEOs;
  • 4 Superdelegates

Superdelegates: Joseph M. Barbuto

Important dates:

County Caucuses/Conventions: April 4, 2020

State Convention: June 6, 2020

Wyoming Delegate Selection Plan 

State Convention Delegates (elect the Pledged delegates)

  • Make sure you are a registered Democrat
  • Start organizing your friends and supporters to vote for you.
  • At the April 4, 2020 County Caucuses delegates to the Wyoming State Democratic Convention are chosen.
  • In some counties you must notify the County Party Officials 24 hours in advance of the April 4, 2020 County caucus to get on their pre-printed ballot.  You can still be nominated from the floor at the caucus. Ask your County Party!
  • Show up with your supporters to vote in your April 4, 2020 county caucus. All Democratic voters are eligible to attend their county caucus and vote for State delegates.

District (Pledged) Delegates (16)

  • You do not have to be elected as a State Delegates to become a pledged delegate for Bernie to the National Convention.
  • To become a Pledged Delegate: File Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support by June 1, 2020 with the Wyoming Democratic State Party Office, PO Box 1972, Cheyenne, WY 82003 or scanned and emailed to [email protected]
  • Forms are available at or can be mailed to the candidate.
  • At the June 6, 2020 State Convention the State Convention delegates meet in Powell, Wyoming to elect the pledged and PLEO delegates.

Unpledged PLEO Delegates (4)

You have to be eligible to be a PLEO delegate. PLEOs are eligible according to the following priority: big city mayors and state-wide elected officials (to be given equal consideration); state legislative leaders, state legislators, and other state, county and local elected officials and party leaders. Help Bernie by encouraging qualified Bernie supporting people to file to become PLEO delegates.

  • Forms are available at or can be mailed to the candidate.
  • File Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support by June 1, 2020 with the Wyoming Democratic State Party Office, PO Box 1972, Cheyenne, WY 82003 or scanned and emailed to [email protected]
  • PLEO delegates are elected at the June 6, 2020 State Convention.

Standing Committee (3) and Delegation Chair

3 Standing Committee members (1 each on the Credentials, Platform and Rules committees) and the Delegation Chair are elected by a quorum of Wyoming’s National Convention Delegates on June 6, 2020. You don’t have to be a delegate or alternate to be elected.

Convention Pages (2)

Convention Pages are selected by the State Democratic Chair on June 6, 2020.

If you have questions contact the Wyoming Democratic Party

More Information

If you have any questions about voting in Wyoming you may contact your state official elections office or Democratic party.

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